Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I passed my quals!

Though I feel sad as I my lab mate did not make it through :(

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When your mind tricks you!

I had my qual exam today starting at 9 AM. I went to bed early about 11:00 just to make sure that I will wake up in time. I woke up with a bad feeling that I am late, since I did not hear my iphone ringing. It was 9:21 AM. God I was screwed. As I was putting on cloths to get to school, I noticed my mom helping me getting ready... but wait a minute my mom is not anywhere close to where I am now... It was a dream and I was fortunate to realize it while I was in it...

I woke up again, got out of the bed, and reached for my iphone, it was 9:21 AM. Damn it! This time it was real. My iphone, my room even the sunshine coming through my window. I was confused to do what? I lost half of my presentation time already... Being wondered about how the hell did it happen as I set two alarms, I decided to get dresses and go to my session anyway. I slammed the door with anger and ... I woke up again! It was 4:51 AM... Yes both of them were dreams!

Update: I just came back from my quals. Everythings went well. I am looking for the results coming out tomorrow.

Magicions have hard times too!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chomsky on Gaza

It was very packed. I got there 15 minutes earlier and I had to find a seat outside where live broadcast was available. I heard about him a lot, but seeing him with a gentle, yet formidable face was very touching. He talked without any sense of fear and cited historical event on Gaza crisis. He also answered several questions at the end of the talk calmly, though you could see the depth of his knowledge throughout his words. I have high respect for him.

More info on the event (Video soon)

Details of the talk

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A mind with unreliable short memory

Scenario 1:

- I took off the bus and set out to loon mountain for snowboarding. I was happy since I left all unnecessary items inside the bus.

- Changing my cloths, I realized that I left my mittens inside the bus...

- The bus left and would not be back in 7 hours.

- I went to a shop to buy a new pair of gloves.

- After through inspection of 3 pairs, I picked the one I liked but... I brought my university ID instead of credit card!

-Finally the kind seller agreed to let me borrow the gloves and pay for it after the bus arrival. I had to leave my ID there, but it made my day since I could finally go snowboarding ignoring the fact that I dont have money to buy lunch!

Scenario 2:

- I rented a car and drove it to the Hobby airport in Houston.

- Having one of my eyes on the road and the other one on the iphone to make sure I am not losing my way. It was 3 AM.

- I got to the parking lot, found the specific place, parked the car, made sure that my luggage is out, locked the car, and dropped the keys inside the box.

- Talking with the happy shuttle driver, I got to the departure section of the airport. I left the shuttle but... the luggage was not with me!

- Driving back the whole way to the parking lot, I found the luggage next to the drop box.

-The happy drive suggested more vitamins...